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Our goal is to provide individuals with the knowledge, encouragement, and drive to transform and maintain a strong and supple body, in turn, leading them to a long, productive, and healthy life.  Through the use of Pilates, anatomical knowledge, experiential anatomy, and years of research in training the body we strive to free people captive in their own bodies, as well as, challenge athletes to go further than ever thought possible.

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Student Stories:








October 2012                                       January 2013

Patty started with me (Lisa Orig) in October of 2012. She was referred to me by a local naturopath and was looking for a change in her exercise practice. An avid yoga participant four times per week for over 10 years, her posture had conformed to the shape of her practice. Her weight was forward on the balls of her feet. Her knees were hyperextended or “locked” as her yoga teachers had taught her. Her feet were smashed together and constantly cramping due to weakness of her intrinsic feet muscles from her high heels. Her hips were constantly flexed and her lower back hyper-extended also due to her high heels. Her upper back was flat and under constant contraction. Her shoulder blades were pinched together, and her head was jetting forward from hours at the computer. Sixty plus years of life was sitting in her posture and she was ready to change it!

After showing Patty what I saw and explaining that change can be hard and slow, we set out on a journey together doing 2 solo’s per week for 6 weeks. We practiced breathing, learned proper biomechanic patterns of movement, strengthened the weak deep muscles, and stretched and relaxed the tight and overused outer shell muscles of her body. At the end of the six weeks Patty was addicted and ready for more. She had become an Upside-Down Dance and Pilates Addict.

In January of 2013, only two months later was my studio’s annual assessment period. I take pictures and reassess all solo students progress and plan for the next year. Patty’s progress was obvious and amazing! Although I could see remnants of her initial posture, one thing was clear- she was standing completely differently! Her weight was in the center of her feet, her knees were less hyperextended, her hips, shoulders, and head were all lined up through the center of her feet. To Patty’s delight, her hips had clearly toned up and her clothes were fitting looser. Patty was feeling stronger, lighter, and more alive.











January 2012                                      January 2013

Marie started with me (Lisa Orig) in November 2011.  She was in level 8 plus pain daily and took pain medication.  Three years prior she had rods placed in her back to straighten her painful scoliosis.  After the surgery she had physical therapy which made her functional and most of her pain was decreased.  Her physical therapist gave her exercises to do after she was released from care, but like many people she did them for a while and then stopped.  As time went on the pain crept up. She went to the doctor and was given pain medication.

Her daughter has been  a student of mine for nearly 10 years.  Her daughter asked me if I thought I could help and I said I would take a look and see.  Marie started with our introductory solo lesson package.  After doing her assessment I found her gluteus and hamstrings were so weak she could not lift her hips off the ground  when pressing into her feet from lying.  This was making it impossible to get out of bed or out of a chair.  I was astonished.  She was on a one track road to a wheel chair.

So, we started doing two solo’s per week.  I designed a specific plan for Marie and gave her exercises to do everyday she did not come to see me.  Fortunately Marie did the exercises at home.  We kept a pain journal and tried to figure out what activities made the pain increase.  Overtime Marie’s pain began to slowly decrease.  Over the course of a year it subsided to a level 1-2 in a very specific location.  She very rarely took any pain medication.  We retrained Marie how to walk, and now she can locomote without a cane easily.  She was even able to take a long trip to Japan without any problems.  We are continuing to work on decreasing  her pain to zero without medication and I expect to achieve our goal within the year so long as Marie stays consistent with her program.

It is my belief that if Marie had not come to see me when she did, she would be in a wheelchair by now.  Thanks to Marie’s daughter and Marie’s diligence and commitment to change, she walks, drives, and continues to live her own life!  It was an honor to lead Marie down this path.











January 2012                                      January 2013

Bernice is one of my (Lisa Orig’s) students I am most amazed with her progress!  She started with me as a referral from one of my current students.  Her goal was to simply “not let her posture get any worse,” as she put it.  When I met her in 2011 she had extreme kyphosis lordosis posture, meaning her lower back swayed far forward and her upper back had a hunch.  She said she had always had the posture but that it was getting worse as time went on.

After her initial assessment I found out that Bernice was actually in pretty good shape.  She did not have any injuries or pain so I explained that we can significantly decrease her excessive curves in her spine no problem so long as she was consistent and dedicated.  Fortunately she is just that kind of person.  She has been doing two solo’s per week for over two years now and she is a whole new woman.

Her posture is amazing as you can see in the pictures.  It continues to improve month by month.  She is stronger and more flexible.  Unfortunately I do not have a photo of her original assessment, but kyphotic lordotic posture was significantly more dramatic two years ago.

Taking two hours out of her week to focus on her body gives her the opportunity to de-stress from her demanding work.  She is now able to do movements that two years ago were literally impossible for her to do.

Bernice is a perfect example of how people are very adaptable. With focus, consistency,  and the proper information we can change our state of well being through movement!


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