Aloha and welcome to Upside-Down Pilates Honolulu Oahu Hawaii!

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Our students want to know

Do you know what is wrong with me?

Yes, we do!

You have neuromuscular inefficient movement patterns and poor postural health that can be discovered with our postural analysis and dynamic movement assessment.  Many people chase symptoms for years because either providers can’t see the cause or do not bother to even look for it.  We are movement detectives that look for the root cause of your pain and suffering.

Can you help me?

Yes, we can!

If you are as committed to restoring neuromuscular health as we are then there is no stopping us!  We do not treat symptoms, we rebalance the neuromuscular system from the inside out.  No matter what shape or pain you are in with hard work, patience and perseverance you can heal your life!

Have you helped others like me?

Yes, we have!

We have helped thousands of people achieve the best neuromuscular health that they have had in years.  We do not treat symptoms, we bring the body back into balance.  When the body is in balance symptoms simply disappear!

If you follow our step by step process you will regain neuromuscular health!

At Upside-Down Pilates Honolulu Oahu Hawaii our goal is to provide individuals with the knowledge, encouragement, and drive to transform and maintain a strong and supple body, in turn, leading them to a long, productive, and healthy life.  Through the use of Upside-Down Pilates, anatomical knowledge, neuromuscular re-education, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation patterns, and years of research in training the body we strive to free people captive in their own bodies, as well as, challenge athletes to go further than ever thought possible.

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