Happy Holidays!!

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Dear Fellow Dance & Pilates Addicts,
The holidays are here! See below for some gift giving ideas, our holiday party and the new pilates group class rotation!

Join Us for our Holiday Party!!

When : Sunday, December 16th
Where : Upside-Down Dance & Pilates Studio, Chinatown
Time : 1:30p – 4:30p

POTLUCK! Bring in your favorite dish to share with your fellow Dance & Pilates Addicts! Be sure to sign up at the studio, or you can email us at info@upsidedownpilates.com and we can put your name down for a certain dish!

SECRET SANTA! Bring in a gift and we will draw names to exchange. Spend up to $10.   santa

Gift Certificates!
Give the gift of Dance and Pilates this holiday season!!
Gift Certificates Available
$25, $50, or $100

(expire one year from purchase date)
Purchase in out online STORE and pick up at the studio,
or we can mail them to you!

Pilates Hottie T-Shirts Are Here!
   Purchase your very own “Pilates Hottie” T-shirt, or buy one for a fellow Pilates Addict!
Choose from a Purple fitted V-neck or Boat-neck tee! Keep in mind they do run a little small. You can find them online in our STORE tab!
$18.00 plus tax
pilates hottie t-shirt

“Moving into Motherhood”
Prenatal Pilates Classes


Mondays at 5:30 pm
Saturdays at 11:00 am

   Our prenatal pilates based classes are designed to help prevent and ease your pregnancy discomforts, prepare your body for the birth of your baby, and help you get your body back with ease after the baby is born.

   Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, arc, balance ball, and barre exercises will help you strength, stretch, and build endurance for you and your baby’s big day!  The exercises are safe for all trimesters including post delivery needs.

   We will focus on activating and relaxing the pelvic floor and deep abdominals, breathing, as well as upper and lower body strengthening and stretching.

   Small class sizes will ensure plenty of personal attention.

Sign up online at www.upsidedownpilates.com!


December Anatomy Workshop
12/8/12 from 10am-2pm

Shoulder WKSP 2

Our dance and Pilates teachers say- “Square your hips“.

Is it really possible? In this workshop we will explore the anatomy behind this common dance and Pilates correction by taping the bones and muscles on a full skeleton and on ourselves.  We will learn that it is anatomically impossible to keep your hips square and get your legs high.  This will help us prevent hip osteoarthritis.

We will learn how to use the movement of our hips in relationship to our leg to safely achieve that wonderful extension we are all looking for.

We will learn exercises that will strengthen the entire hip complex increasing our turnout and lifting the appearance of our gluteus maximus.

Registration is available online now at www.upsidedownpilates.com
Please email us at info@upsidedownpilates.com with further questions.

$50 for University of Hawaii Dancers and Dance Faculty, Hawaii Pacific University Dancers, and Local Professional Dancers (please email us for discounted invoice)

December Group Class Schedule


Chair I/II – 10:30 am
Cadillac III – 1:30 pm
Pilates Arc III – 4:30 pm
Chair III – 5:30 pm
Moving into Motherhood – 5:30 pm
Chair II- 6:30 pm
Cadillac I – 6:30 pm
Upside-Down Dance Technique – 10:30 am  **
Cadillac OPEN LEVEL – 12:30 pm
Reformer II – 4:30 pm
Reformer III – 5:30 pm
Pilates for Aerial Dancers – 6:30 pm
Reformer III – 4:30 pm
Reformer III – 5:30 pm
Pilates Arc II – 6:30pm
Chair III – 7:30 am
Reformer OPEN LEVEL – 9:30 am
Mat (Foam Roller) II – 5:30 pm
Mat (Theraband) I – 6:30 pm
Upside-Down Dance Technique – 6:30 pm  **
Conditioning for Dancers – 8:30 am
Kinesthetic Anatomy & Biomechanics Workshop -10a-2p
(December 8th only)
Chair II – 10:30 am
Moving into Motherhood – 11:00 am
Cadillac I – 11:30 am
Reformer III – 1:30 pm
Pilates Arc II – 2:30 pm

**  Located at Ballet Hawaii, 777 South Hotel Street Suite 101

Menu of Services

Pilates Solo Lessons

Introductory Solo Lesson package $225
(Email info@upsidedownpilates.com if interested)
One Solo Lesson $85
Six Solo Lessons $420
Twelve Solo Lessons $780

Pilates Group Classes
One Pilates Group Class $35
Six Pilates Group Classes $195
Twelve Pilates Group Classes $360

Dance Classes
One Dance Class $18
Six Dance Classes $90
Twelve Dance Classes $150
(Professional & UHM/HPU Dancers discount – $10/class)

Anatomy Workshop $60
(Professional & UHM/HPU Dancers discount – $50/workshop)

All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. All purchases expire 6 months from date of purchase. Payment is due at time of booking. When you book your lesson your credit card will be charged. All Lessons are 55 minutes in length. All purchases are subject to a 4.71 % sales tax. To avoid being charged, please cancel 48 hours prior to the start time of your lesson. You may then reschedule your lesson, but will not be refunded your purchase. Repeated cancellations will result in being barred from studying with us. Prices are subject to change without notice. Teachers may be substituted without notice. To ensure a place in class please schedule 24 hours in advance. Lessons and classes may be canceled 24 hours in advance by the studio due to low enrollment or illness without refund, with option to reschedule.


Happy Holidays and we hope to see you at our Holiday Party!
Upside-Down Dance and Pilates
1111 Nu’uanu Ave. Suite 213
Honolulu, Hi 96817