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Our Philosophy
Your brain is the most powerful “muscle” in your body! By retraining your thoughts about how your body functions you can retrain your muscles to fire in a more safe, efficient, and effective manner. This can lead you out of pain if you are in it or bring your body into peak physical and mental condition. Please remember, we are only teachers. Every good teacher is obsolete in the end. You will only get out of Pilates what you are willing to put into it.

Our Mission
The mission of Upside-Down Pilates is to provide individuals with the knowledge, encouragement, and drive to transform and maintain a strong and supple body. In turn, leading them to a long, productive, and healthy life. Through the use of Upside-Down Pilates, anatomical knowledge, and years of research in training the body, Upside-Down Pilates strives to free people held captive in their own bodies, as well as, challenge athletes to go further than ever thought possible.

Teacher Bio

Lisa Orig

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