Take Back Your Health Now

How I went from sick and dying with two dead babies to happy, healthy and vibrant.

Here are my steps to health success so you can do it too.

Below is the introduction to the book I am working on.  Please enjoy and know you are not alone.  I have been there.  I have gone through the process of reclaiming my health.  You can do it too.


Everything came to a head for me as I sat on my Cadillac in my Pilates studio.  I was programming a lesson for a man that I coached out of his pain.  He came to me in daily level eight pain due to disk herniations in his neck and lower back.  Without surgery, I used my knowledge of biomechanics to teach him how to stabilize his neck and back so that his pain dissipated. He was doing great but I was suffering.   As I planned his lesson, my tummy churned. I was utterly exhausted even though I just started my day. My hands were in level eight pain as I wrote.  The grief of the loss of my baby boy, Max, loomed over my being.  I felt like I was dying and I knew I could not work much longer.  I asked myself if I should close the studio, sell it, or keep it open and have someone else run it.  It was at that moment I thought, “Someone must have figured out what is wrong with me and how to fix it.”  The information I used to help my client stabilize his spine did not come to me through medical school.   Western medicine only offered him painkillers and surgery.  That is exactly the situation I was in.  I was in pain and no one was able to help me.  In fact, every doctor I saw made it worse.  That was the day I fired my doctors and decided to either figure it out myself or commit suicide.  I could not take the pain any longer.  I was over it…

I wrote this book to help you and your loved ones.  I know there are millions of people suffering just like I was.  Western medicine is not helping them.  Rather than helping people become healthy, western medicine is making their health worse.  I am sharing my story and my solutions to help stop the suffering.  I have held my dead babies in my arms.  If there is anything I can do or say to keep another mother and father from doing the same, my mission is complete.  If I can help a couple get pregnant who struggled for months or even years with infertility, I will have served my purpose.  If I can guide you or your loved one out of a life of pain, misery, and depression, when everyone else has given up hope, I will truly be fulfilled. If I can teach someone with a chronic illness how to eat his or her way back to health, my life has been worth living.  I am here to show you there are answers.  There is another way.  You can do it, most of it in your own kitchen.

In this book, you will learn how to take back your health.  You will discover the lifestyle choices and medical practices that are creating the illness in our very sick culture.  Through my story, I will illustrate what is going wrong and how to fix it.  Together we will begin to look at things from a different perspective and discover how western medicine and science can be viewed as a belief system that can be swayed by profit.  Together we will learn how to be the chief executive officer of our own body and life.  We will learn to use doctors as consultants rather than seeing them as all-knowing and blindly following their orders.  This will transform you from a helpless patient to an empowered, informed consumer and health advocate.

I would like you to use this book as a reference on your journey towards health.  It is meant to motivate and support you as you change your lifestyle and take steps to uncover the hidden causes of your health complaints.  This book is here to let you know you are not alone.  Most importantly this book is meant to be a beacon of hope.  You can become healthy.  There is a way.  I did it.  So can you.

The choice is yours.  “Do you want the blue pill or the red pill?” As the character Morpheus asked in The Matrix, “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”  If you want to step out of the box and take back your health, grab a cup of organic tulsi jasmine tea and dig into what I call my “Daymare.”  Honestly, I would not believe the story myself if I did not live every single second of it.