New Classes Starting in September!

Upside-Down Dance and Pilates
Back to School and Back to the Studio!
September Newsletter

Dear Fellow Pilates Addict,

We hope you have had an amazing summer! If you were away this summer, we welcome you back to the studio! Let’s get back into shape and tone up our bodies before the holiday treats start to creep up on us! For those who have stuck around this summer, keep up the good work! See you all in the studio soon!

Much aloha,
The Upside-Down Dance and Pilates Team


Dance Anatomy There are a few new and exciting classes to check out starting this month!

We have 2 new weekly Upside-Down Dance Classes with Lisa Orig happening at Ballet Hawaii (777 South Hotel Street Suite 101) starting September 11! See below for the schedule.

Also, our Kinesthetic Anatomy and Biomechanics Workshop premieres on September 8th! Hurry and purchase your spot because this opportunity is only one day out of the month!

This September’s Workshop features : “Turn out from your hips not your feet.”

The anatomy behind this common dance correction.  We will learn to stabilize our Sacroiliac Joint and move our leg at our hip joint.  This will prevent lower back pain, sciatica, hip and knee arthritis, and ankle sprains to name a few.  Moreover, will will become stronger and more attractive movers with a greater sense of balance!

In each workshop we will tape our muscles on Herman (the skeleton) and then ourselves while learning the names of the bones, muscles, joints, connective tissues, and arthrokinematics of the joints covered that day. We will learn proper biomechanics and specific neuromuscular conditioning exercises to change our less than efficient usages. This will prevent and heal injury.  NO TESTS JUST UNCOVERING THE MYSTERY OF YOUR BODY!
Location: Upside-Down Studio 1111 Nu’uanu Ave Suite 213
September 8th from 10am-2pm

Open to all individuals who want to learn more about how their body works efficiently. Although we will be looking at our anatomy from a dance and Pilates perspective you do not need to be a dancer or Pilates Addict to join us!  Yoga Teachers, Fitness Trainers, Massage and Physical Therapists are welcome.

We have a Conditioning for Dancers class on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings! See below for exact times. In this class we will learn sequences from Irene Dowd, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Pilates, and Lisa Orig. This is the perfect class to fine tune your alignment and neuromuscular coordination while challenge your strength and flexibility. Held at our Upside-Down Studio, 1111 Nu’uanu Ave Suite 213.

Starting September 18th we will have a new Pilates for Aerial Dancers class happening on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm at our Chinatown Upside-Down Studio! This class will focus on strengthening and stabilizing the shoulder girdle. We will challenge strength and flexibility throughout the body, while incorporating coordination through Pilates based exercises. Please note: Please purchase dance classes in our Store to participate in this class.


We hope to see some NEW faces as well as some familiar PILATES ADDICTS in our new Dance & Pilates classes and workshops!


Upside-Down Dance and Pilates
September Class Schedule


Chair I – 10:30 am
Reformer III – 1:30 pm
Chair I – 11:30 am
Chair III – 4:30 pm
Pilates Arc IV – 5:30 pm
Pilates Arc II- 6:30 pm
Reformer I – 6:30 pm
Conditioning for Dancers – 7:30 pm
Upside-Down Dance Technique – 10:30 am  **
Reformer II – 12:30 pm
Cadillac II – 4:30 pm
Cadillac III – 5:30 pm
Pilates for Aerial Dancers – 6:30 pm
Pilates Arc I – 11:30 am
Cadillac III – 4:30 pm
Cadillac III – 5:30 pm
Chair II – 6:30pm
Chair III – 7:30 am
Cadillac II – 9:30 am
Chair II – 5:30 pm
Chair I – 6:30 pm
Upside-Down Dance Technique – 6:30 pm  **
Pilates Arc I – 4:30 pm
Conditioning for Dancers – 8:30 am
Kinestectic Anatomy & Biomechanics Workshop – 10a-2p (9/8 only)
Pilates Arc II – 10:30 am
Reformer I – 11:30 am
Chair II – 2:30 pm

** Located at Ballet Hawaii, 777 South Hotel Street Suite 101

Menu of Services

Pilates Solo Lessons
Introductory Solo Lesson Package $225
(Email if interested)
One Solo Lesson $85
Six Solo Lessons $420
Twelve Solo Lessons $780

Pilates Group Classes
One Pilates Group Class $35
Six Pilates Group Classes $195
Twelve Pilates Group Classes $360
Introductory Rate Unlimited Month Level I Classes $150
(First Month Only – email if interested)
Recurring Unlimited Month Group Classes $340

Dance Classes
One Dance Class $18
Six Dance Classes $90
Twelve Dance Classes $150
*Local Professional Dancers and UHM Dancers single class $10 plus tax.  Email for discount code.

Anatomy Workshop
Kinesthetic Anatomy and Biomechanics Workshop $60
*Local Professional Dancers and UHM Dancers $50 plus tax per workshop.  Email for discount code.

All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. All purchases (except unlimited month) expire 6 months from date of purchase. Monthly Unlimited Package expires 28 days from purchase date. Payment is due at time of booking. When you book your lesson your credit card will be charged. All Lessons are 55 minutes in length. All purchases are subject to a 4.71 % sales tax. To avoid being charged, please cancel 48 hours prior to the start time of your lesson. You may then reschedule your lesson, but will not be refunded your purchase. Repeated cancellations will result in being barred from studying with us. Prices are subject to change without notice. Teachers may be substituted without notice. To ensure a place in class please schedule 24 hours in advance. Lessons and classes may be canceled 24 hours in advance by the studio due to low enrollment or illness without refund, but with option to reschedule.