How do I begin with UPSIDE-DOWN PILATES?

How our program works best. Please understand all Pilates studio’s and programs work differently.  Just because you did Pilates somewhere else does not mean you have experienced our process.  If you follow our guidance you will get results.We recommend that all students start in our introductory solo lesson package of 3 solo lessons. To keep your first experience with our studio consistent we ask that you schedule all 3 solo lessons with the same teacher.

Lesson 1-  We do a postural assessment which gives us some information, and then we do a movement assessment which gives us more information.  Because we are dealing with changing movement patterns we need a good idea of what your version of normal is.  Then we start learning the basics.

Lesson 2- We review the assessment and look at the pictures we took to see what postural areas we can balance out.  We discuss your plan of action and get started with your program.

Lesson 3- This will be your first full “workout” or movement lesson.  We do not start by hanging you upside-down!  We learn how to breathe, how to articulate your spine, and how to use your three-dimensional center of support!

We call ourselves Upside-Down Pilates because by going through our program most people learn to move parts of their body they did not know they could move.  Most people only use 25% of the muscles they have.  That leaves 75% of their body unknown territory.  When students start moving in ways they did not know was possible it turns their perception of reality Upside-Down!

After lesson 3 we encourage all students to do 12 solo lessons with us.  We encourage students to attend 2-3 times per week if possible.  After the first twelve lessons, we can see if a group setting may be suitable for the student.  We do encourage all students to regularly take one solo per week in addition to a group or two.  Many students have been with us for 10 years now!

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