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Pilates with Upside-Down has changed my body and my life. I’ve been taking solos and group classes with Lisa for about 4-5 years and she has helped me use my strengths to deal with my challenges. Lisa is a master teacher, knowing just when and how much to push and when to support. The sessions are planned well, giving me the opportunity to progress to higher levels over time. It’s become a life-long commitment. But it never gets repetitive; Lisa is always creating new exercises, some of them tailored specifically for my needs.

Lisa is an expert about body mechanics and wants folks she works with to become knowledgeable too. Whenever I ask a question about something with my body, she takes the time to explain it in ways I can understand.

Lisa is also an excellent teacher educator, and the instructors she’s trained are wonderful too. I’ve taken classes with Nicole and Audrey and have enjoyed these very much. I love the studio–lots of light and air with all the charm that Nu’uanu Ave. affords.

Hannah S.

8 years ago I was looking for a class to help me strengthen and improve my golf game.  I happened on pilates which not only improved my game but has increased my stamina to play more rounds pain-free.  The best part about this studio is the dedication and sincere nurturing that Lisa Orig takes with both her instructors and students.  She continues to better herself by taking classes and shares what she learned with all of us.As knowledgeable as she already is she continues to grow and all of us are fortunate to benefit from her personalized attention…group classes are small and there is still individualized attention.  Private solos help you to focus more intensely on your own areas of concern.  I highly recommend this studio if you are serious about maintaining a strong physical and mental attitude….you’ll breathe pilates!!!!

Valerie N.

Upside Down Pilates is the studio to really learn Pilates. Lisa Org is amazing as she lives & breaths body mechanics and movement and is able to effectively teach this to her students. I have been attending classes for two years and the change in my body posture, strength, length, and confidence has been incredible.  If you’re willing to make the commitment by showing up on time and being present she will do the rest  — shaping and molding you until you understand proper body posture.  She has trained an excellent staff if you’re not able to get classes with her.     Note of reality:  this is a serious studio and class bookings are done online with pre-payment required.   Cancellations are allowed but must be made 48 hrs in advance as there are students waiting to get their desired time slots.  Believe me, it is worth the effort.

Louanne C.

Upside-Down Pilates is an incredible place to learn and practice pilates!  Lisa and her team of highly trained teachers are so knowledgeable about anatomy, body mechanics, and are so observant and tuned into their students. I thought I was in pretty good shape, but soon discovered that I had some bad postural and movement habits I wasn’t even aware of! I’ve been with Upside-Down Pilates since 2004 and can honestly say it has improved and changed my life. My scoliosis is much improved (almost gone!) even though I’ve been told by doctors that it wasn’t treatable, and I am so much more fit, aligned and strong. I’m a true “addict”! -Nina H.

I’ve only been going here for a few weeks,  but I already notice a difference in the way I feel. This is the only exercise I’ve done that I don’t actually dread!  The owner, Lisa, is a great teacher. She is positive but not cheerleader-y. Unless you have pilates experience already I recommend the private lessons to get the most out of your experience. And when you are done you can splurge on flowers since the studio is near a lot of the flower shops!  My only regret is that I didn’t go here sooner!  I highly recommend this studio. -Corinne S.

This is the third pilates studio that I have been to on Oahu and unequivocally the best!.  I started with Lisa to correct my posture and work on my core.  Over the last three years I have attended equipment classes, duet class with another ‘pilates addict’ and solos.  Lisa is extremely knowledgeable and definitely shares that incredible knowledge with her students.   She explains each posture/movement in a way that is easy to visualize and understand.
I love Upside-Down Pilates!  -Deborah S.

Upside-Down Pilates has the premiere instructors in the industry.  I’ve taken solo lessons with Lisa Orig and noticed such a difference even in the first few weeks.  In the past, I’ve tried Pilates at gyms and DVDs, but I’m so glad that I decided to take solo lessons and really get the attention for my body’s specific needs.  I think we often end up just dealing with what’s happened to our bodies–in my case, a knee injury and two pregnancies.  I’ve been an athlete my whole life and I haven’t been happy being side-lined from running or just figuring out ways to manage the pain in my knee.  Working with Lisa and her extensive background in biomechanics and anatomy, someone has finally addressed my knee at the root of the problem.  In just a few short weeks, I was able to run brace-free and medication-free!  As far as my abs go, I’ve NEVER liked doing ab work.  Pilates has helped my core start to recover after pregnancies without feeling like a dreadful ab workout.  Little did I know that much of the ab work that I had been doing in the past hasn’t been helping me get the smaller waistline that I want back!  Thank you, Lisa and Upside-Down Pilates!!! -Lily B.

One of the first things I did when I moved to Honolulu (from Australia) a month ago was looking into Pilates studios and was willing to shop around a bit until I found the one right for me. Happily, I came here first and have not looked back.
I have no previous experience with Pilates, but love running and have been ‘managing’ an injury for 6 years, which no one has been able to help me with.
Lisa is knowledgeable and totally down to earth. Easy to get along with, she’s made Pilates the most non-daunting experience possible. And, the icing on the cake: after 6 years of daily pain, my injury pain is completely gone, even after a few long runs. Completely gone! And that’s after only 3 classes. I can’t really believe it. I know I’ll have to continue with these exercises for the rest of my life, but I feel like I now have the tools to allow me to do so, as Lisa is very good at explaining (in simple terms!) the rationale behind the exercises she chooses. I can’t wait to learn more!
Highly recommended. -Danielle C.

Wow!  This pilates studio will change your life.  As another reviewer said, it is a serious pilates studio, but still a lot of fun.  The emphasis is on getting results.  The teachers (Lisa, Audrey, Nicole, Malia, and Jill) are great and the students are also so wonderful.  I have developed life-long friendships with the other students in my classes.  It is like a big family.
If you are interested in long-term results this is the place.  Plus, I am trying to get my friend to post their reviews.  Other students have fixed their back problems when physical therapy, chiropractors, and massage were only temporary fixes.
For me, I sit in front of a computer all day long and I have chronic headaches.  Pilates helps strengthen my core and keeps me aware of my posture.  Since taking pilates and making the corrections at my desk, the headaches have disappeared. -Jeff O.

I’ve been to 2 pilates studios and Upside down pilates is definitely my favorite for the following reasons:
1. Nice Space – the studio is big, but feels cozy.  Nice relaxing music is playing in the background.  .. Zen ..
2. Knowledgeable teachers – Jill was great.  Very informative direction for a pilates newbie like myself.
3. Clean – Everyone wipes down their equipment or items that are used in class.   I missed the sign at the door and walked in with shoes.  Whoops.  I quickly went outside and left my shoes at the door.
I took a drop in ground class.  Upside down pilates offers drop-in classes (ground work), duet or solo ground or equipment classes.  Duet classes seem like the better deal since it’s like a private class and you half the cost of the class with your buddy.  I like the solo/duet classes it’s tailored to what you want to work on. -Jaime K.

I have taken a few groundwork “drop-in” Pilates classes with Lisa Org and she is fantastic!!!! Lisa has years of experience as a dancer and as a Pilates instructor.
I’ve taken a few Pilates classes at the gym (specifically 24 Hr Fitness) before and they were completely different than what Lisa teaches. Lisa’s groundwork “drop-in” Pilates classes range from 3-8 students only! Gym classes are just way toooooo big and instructors do not have the opportunity to work with each individual correcting posture and techniques. I honestly didn’t really understand the concept of Pilates or the reason for this fitness (through taking it at 24 Hr Fitness), but with Lisa’s training and knowledge, I now have a better understanding and appreciation for Pilates and the art of core workouts!
Lisa is incredibly knowledgeable about Pilates, dedicated to helping you with your fitness and is a great person to know. She teaches group Pilates but is also available for one-on-one classes, either groundwork or with equipment. -Zar. K

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