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See below for our March special!
Dear Upside-Down Dance & Pilates Addict,

Join us for our March Special! 25% off of our Level I Six Week Series Group Classes. Hurry, this series starts on March 23 with a limited amount of spaces available!!! Please email us at if interested. New students welcome.
The Upside-Down Dance & Pilates Team

Join us THIS SUNDAY, March 10th anytime between 3p – 5p
for our OPEN HOUSE at our Chinatown studio!

1111 Nu’uanu Ave. #213
Honolulu, HI 96817

Have you always wanted to start pilates, but have some questions or are curious as to what the pilates equipment is all about? Come to our open house and have your questions and curiosities answered!!
New students who attend the open house will receive a discount on their purchase of our Introductory Solo Package!
To our regular clients – Bring that friend who has been asking you about pilates, or someone who you think might love it!

Six Week Series Group Class

Aloha Pilates Addicts-


I wanted to let everyone know we are changing the program a bit.  We are bringing back the six week series for the more dedicated students who need a specific time and level, but keeping some of the group lessons available for registration one at a time.  For the one at a time classes we are opening those classes up to mixed levels so we are able to accommodate more people based on time needs.


The six week series is for a more serious student who wants other students in the class to be at a similar level and can commit to being in the class.  It is like going to school for your body.  Here is the description-


Six week series is the premier way to study Upside-Down Pilates in a group setting. These are progressive and leveled courses for the serious and dedicated Upside-Down Pilates student.  In each six weeks series we will learn a specific sequence of exercises and learn a specific piece of anatomy.  The course will be geared towards the registrants in the course.  Students must have permission to be in the level of class they desire.  MIn. 2 Max. 4 students. $180 plus tax.  No refunds or cancellations for these courses.


Mixed level group Upside-Down Pilates lessons are for individuals who need a more flexible schedule and want a basic overall workout without the detail of perfecting a sequence and learning anatomy.  Here is the description-


Group Upside-Down Pilates lessons are mixed level group classes that provide an overall workout for the body.  Students must have participated in the introductory solo lesson package or level one six week series and have the studio’s permission to attend these open level group classes.  Min. 2 Max. 4 students. One Group Class $35, Six Pilates Group Classes $195, Twelve Pilates Group Classes $360.


Feel free to contact us if you have questions.  If you would like to be in a six week series and need guidance on which level to participate in we will be delighted to help you!


See you soon-



Student Stories 

Patty January 2013  Patty October 2012

Student of the Month: Patty






                                                          OCTOBER 2012          JANUARY 2013


Patty started with me (Lisa Orig) in October of 2012. She was referred to me by a local naturopath and was looking for a change in her exercise practice. An avid yoga participant four times per week for over 10 years, her posture had conformed to the shape of her practice. Her weight was forward on the balls of her feet. Her knees   were hyperextended or “locked” as her yoga teachers had taught her. Her feet were smashed together and constantly cramping due to weakness of her intrinsic feet muscles from her high heels. Her hips were constantly flexed and her lower back hyper-extended also due to her high heels. Her upper back was flat and under constant contraction. Her shoulder blades were pinched together, and her head was jetting forward from hours at the computer. Sixty plus years of life was sitting in her posture and she was ready to change it!


After showing Patty what I saw and explaining that change can be hard and slow, we set out on a journey together doing 2 solo’s per week for 6 weeks. We practiced breathing, learned proper biomechanic patterns of movement, strengthened the weak deep muscles, and stretched and relaxed the tight and overused outer shell muscles of her body. At the end of the six weeks Patty was addicted and ready for more. She had become an Upside-Down Dance and Pilates Addict.


In January of 2013, only two months later was my studio’s annual assessment period. I take pictures and reassess all solo students progress and plan for the next year. Patty’s progress was obvious and amazing! Although I could see remnants of her initial posture, one thing was clear- she was standing completely differently! Her weight was in the center of her feet, her knees were less hyperextended, her hips, shoulders, and head were all lined up through the center of her feet. To Patty’s delight, her hips had clearly toned up and her clothes were fitting looser. Patty was feeling stronger, lighter, and more alive.



Upside-Down Dance & Pilates now has online workouts available on our website!! We will be uploading new workouts weekly!  Now available is Groundwork I, a basic mat workout.  Soon to be available- Reformer I, Cadillac I, and Chair I

Check out our online video available now under “Online Lessons and Pilates DVDs”!

Click Here to watch the lessons!

See you in the studio soon! Happy Easter!

Upside-Down Dance and Pilates
1111 Nu’uanu Ave. #213
Honolulu, Hi 96817

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Save 25%
Off of our Level I Six Week Series Group Classes! These Level I group classes are on Saturdays at 11:00 starting on March 23. Hurry, there are limited spaces available! No refunds or cancellations for the six week series group classes. Email us for information.
Offer Expires: March 31, 2013