May Newsletter

Aloha all-
I just wanted to thank those of you again that attended Pilates Day! Malia and I had a great time! If you have any questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember our next set of group lessons begin in June, and we are open to take new solo students at any time! We identified that cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmunity, and obesity are directly linked to over consumption of sugar.

Here are answers to some questions we had in the sugar blues workshop-
Is osteoporosis linked to sugar consumption?
YES! The short answer- 1) Eating sugar causes you to excrete much of your calcium intake out through your urine. 2) Sugar blocks your osteoblasts (bone builders) from being able to build bone. Here is an article that has more information-

What do you think about xylitol?
See the article below. I personally have no experience with it, but it does not look like it would be a good choice for me as it can cause digestive distress.

Remember to look into your primary foods such as family, work, personal time, stress levels, exercise etc to make sure you are getting what you want rather than turning to sugar, an addictive substance, to supplement the lack of sweetness in your life. I hope this helps answer those questions more clearly!

Looking forward to seeing you in the studio soon!

Our June six week series is now available for sign up.
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Sundays Level I at 1:30p w/ Adealani (starting 6/1/14)
Mondays Level II/III at 4:30p w/ Lisa & Dee (starting 6/2/14)
Mondays Level III at 5:30p w/ Lisa & Dee (starting 6/2/14)
Tuesdays Level I/II at 4:30p w/ Nicole (starting 6/3/14)
Tuesdays Level III at 5:30p w/ Nicole (starting 6/3/14)
Tuesdays Level II at 5:30p w/ Adealani (starting 6/3/14)
Tuesdays Pilates for Aerial Dancers at 6:30p w/ Nicole (starting 6/3/14)
Wednesdays Level III at 5:30p w/ Lisa (starting 5/28/14)
Thursdays Level II at 5:30p w/ Nicole (starting 6/5/14)
Thursdays Level I at 6:30p w/ Nicole (starting 6/5/14)
Saturdays Level II at 9:30a w/ Lisa & Dee (starting 5/31/14)
Saturdays Level I at 12:00p w/ Malia (starting 6/7/14)
Saturdays Post Rehab Conditioning at 2:30p w/ Lisa & Dee (starting 5/31/14)

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