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March Newsletter

A new video and the next six week series… View this email in your browser Take a look at a new Upside-Down Pilates video on Fundamentals II: Exploring a Neutral Spine, Pelvis and Head. Click on the picture to watch. ENJOY! Book your next Six Week Series… Level I Mondays at 6:30p w/ Lisa (starting 4/6/15) CLICK HERE TO […]

November Newsletter

Join us for some awesome PNF Patterns at Upside-Down Pilates! View this email in your browser PNF PILATES WORKSHOP 3.75 PMA CEC’s Click Here to register attending in the studio Click Here to register attending live online via Google +Hangouts! Open to all Sunday, December 14th 2:45 – 6:45pm HST at Upside-Down Pilates, 1111 Nuuanu […]

Our October Newsletter

Book your October Six Week Series Now! View this email in your browser Join us (and Herman) this Halloween season and… REGISTER NOW! For our OCTOBER Six Week Series Group Classes: Level I Saturdays at 12:00p w/ Malia (starting 10/18/14) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Level I Sundays at 1:30p w/ Adealani (starting 10/19/14) CLICK HERE […]

Classes Start This Week!

Only a few spots left in our September Six Week Series… View this email in your browser Join us for our next round of six week series group classes! Check out our options to the right. Note a NEW Level I class on Fridays at 5:00p with Malia! BOOK NOW! OUR SEPTEMBER SIX WEEK SERIES: […]

Weigh Less, Live More Workshop, PNF Pilates, Next Series…

FREE Weigh Less Live More Workshop this Sunday! PNF Pilates Workshop in 2 weeks! Next Six Week Series Group Classes Start the Week of September 6th! View this email in your browser WEIGH LESS, LIVE MORE ONLY 3 DAYS UNTIL THIS FREE WORKSHOP! If you are like most people, you may have some issues with weight […]

Yamuna Body Rolling Workshops

july 13 2014 Yamuna Body Rolling Workshops! with Tiffany Lodes Sunday July 13, 2014 register here for both workshops Yamuna Body Rolling® SAVE YOUR SHOULDERS 7-13-14, 2:30pm-4:30pm Your shoulder joint connects your hands and arms to your head,neck, and torso. It’s one of the most overused parts of the body. It’s important to keep the shoulder […]

June Newsletter

Next Six Week Series… View this email in your browser What are your summer plans? – Summer with Joseph Pilates and friends… Our June/July six week series is now available for sign up. Register online now! JUNE SERIES STILL AVAILABLE STARTING THIS WEEK: Tuesdays Level I/II at 4:30p w/ Nicole (starting today 6/3/14) Tuesdays Level III at 5:30p w/ […]

May Newsletter

Aloha all- I just wanted to thank those of you again that attended Pilates Day! Malia and I had a great time! If you have any questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember our next set of group lessons begin in June, and we are open to take new […]

April Newsletter

Pilates Day, April Six Week Series… View this email in your browser It’s Pilates day Saturday May 5th, we are celebrating, and you are invited! Please join us for a wonderful Upside-Down Pilates workout from 3:30 – 4:30! Contact us at info@upsidedownpilates.com to reserve a spot in this workshop. Then at 4:45, Lisa Orig will […]

January Newsletter

A note from Lisa, January 6 week series… View this email in your browser Building the foundation! It’s funny to me how many people wait until the beginning of a new year to start an exercise program.  We think that this year will be different.  I get tons of calls and emails from people wanting […]